When I came to Venus I was eating the standard american diet (SAD), 25lbs overweight and working a job that wasn’t making me happy. Venus Banguela opened my eyes on so many different levels when it came to eating, time management, and suggesting certain supplements. I not only have more confidence, but I became aware that working a desk job wasn’t for me. Furthermore, through this beautiful transformation I am pursuing a career path that will contribute to a better world. -Vanessa Colon




Venus Banguela came to me during a time of great need and literally on the wings of divine intervention. I was feeling like I needed greater support in the area of my nutritional health. A cacophony of reasons brought my physical, mental, and emotional health to a complete state of disarray. It was thanks to this journey that I was pointed in the direction of holistic health, Ayurveda, energy healing, and organic whole foods for answers and recalibration. I felt a strong inclination to work with Venus after reading through the list of services on her website, feeling excited about her credentials, and noticing the serene, effervescent, powerful, and loving energy that emanated from her in all of her photographs. I was further delighted to hear how well rounded and beautifully structured she set up the 6 month program. I felt an immediate knowing that all my needs would be met and was excited to see what else would take effect in my life with her support and guidance.I was not disappointed one bit. Venus superseded all my expectations and proved to be a remarkably stellar coach. She helped me in more ways than I think she will ever know, infusing her spunk, her discipline and wisdom into my life. I have learned how to have a better grip on my health needs in ways that make me marvel. Venus helped me navigate through the myriad of confusion and questions in such simple, grounded, practical ways. A journey through your whole life for 6 months with Infinitive Wellness is truly a magical box of hidden treasures, necessary challenges, expert information, exquisite material for sustaining radiant health. The package that this all came delivered by was gift enough! Venus is warm, has hawk-listening abilities, is very compassionate, funny, down-to-earth and has a grandmother tone about her; she’s loving but stern enough to get you to straighten up! I loved her direct, no-beating around the bush personality. It was so refreshing! 6 months later, I am more emotionally balanced with less fickle moods. I feel extremely grounded, strong, happy, even-keeled, and in the areas I was tense and stubborn
–Myrna de Jesus


I think that one of the most precious gifts to find in someone is the ability to listen. Throughout my sessions with Venus, she not only heard what I was sharing with her, but she allowed me to hear what I was saying. She listened without judgment, but also had the ability to challenge me to grow. I learned through my sessions, that I need to balance out working hard and allowing myself to see the results so I may experience the rewards from my hard work. This has been so important for me to work on as it is a pattern in my life that I have had for a long time. Raising awareness is what Venus has done for me and working with her has been a gift. Namaste Venus

-Lauren Golen
Bikran Yoga Deiray Beach

“When I started working with Venus I was feeling lost and stuck in my life. Venus helped me prioritize my goals, guiding me to be more communicative and clear about my needs. She led me back on track with my diet and goals both short term and long. She presented different options for healthy nutrition and helped me experiment and understand what works best for me. She reminded me to make those recharging and quiet moments important so I can function with a higher level of quality throughout my day, my week, my life. Thank you Venus for placing me back on my path and for sharing your wealth of information on acquiring life and nutritional skills.”

Dana DeFrancesco
Ballroom & Yoga Instructor

“What Venus offers as a Health Coach spans so much more than food or exercise tips. She delves in deep into other important aspects of an individual’s life that completes the full circle of wellness. In my personal experience, she helped me immensely with the power of positive thinking, spirituality, acceptance in the here and now, and ways to look forward in bettering myself and my life. I appreciated her complete understanding and gentle suggestions on things I could try or bring into my life to help me in areas where I was feeling stuck. She helped to put me on a path that is bringing so much positivity into my life.”

~Laurie Grossm

“I’ve learned so much from my sessions with Venus. She has taught me how to eat properly, be more conscious about what I am ingesting in my body and how to live life to its fullest. She is very informative, and caring. Venus is the most positive person I know who lives to love life every day. With every session I became more aware of my body and how it was changing in a positive way. I wrote down three goals that I wanted to accomplish over a three month period and in that time frame I’ve accomplished them, I couldn’t do it without Venus. She has also introduced me to the practice of Yoga. I have chronic neck problems and it has helped release the tension in that area. If I didn’t have these sessions I wouldn’t be where I’m at today…happy.

-Kristen Krier