Sacred Interior-Altar Designing

During my decades of seeking, deep research, learning, regular meditation practice and many years of teaching yoga (now combined with reiki), I have always incorporated sacred symbolism, objects and the four elements (fire-earth-air-water) into everything I do. The energetic vibe of creating a sacred space/environment can not only be seen, but felt. Some objects, as well as people emit vibrational frequencies known as auras. When there’s harmonious vibrations emitting from these objects it makes them sacred… Their auric field is what makes them sacred. 

 I’ve had the honor of creating  customized sacred environments which include remodeling and interior designing studios, businesses and homes to smaller environments/sacred altars for meditation. By having a special area where you can dedicate time to connect with your higher self on a regular basis, you will create an energetic flow of harmony and peace; a true gift.

My intention is to support you with creating and designing your environment, home or studio with ultimate harmony and fluid energy.  I further support with ways to maintain harmony and flowing energy on a regular basis. Support available in-person or by phone/skype consultation. 

Bundle Altar Starter Package One: 127.00
Salt Lamp 
Mala Prayer Beads
Altar Cloth
Incense and Holder
Tea Light Candle Holder

Sage Stick
Hindu Art Print


Bundle Starter Package Two: 227.00
(addition to package one)
Selinite Lamp
Bundle Crystal Stones 
Cauldron and Resin
Palo Santo Stick
Sacred Candle


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