Nutrition Services-Workshops

Initial Breakthrough Session:
50 minute session were we’ll go over your health history, nutrition and lifestyle goals. (via phone or Skype globally)

A La Carte Services:
Individual coaching session: This session is available for one specific focus or topic via phone or Skype globally. (fee:$150.00)

Wellness Program: 12 Sessions

Pantry Make Over – assessment of healthy and not so healthy foods in your refrigerator and pantry. Recommendations will be given in preparation for your food shopping tour. 

Health Food Store Tour – Let’s go shopping together! I’ll introduce you to great tasting foods that will be nourishing to your body  

Healthy Cooking Basics – A class where we’ll make authentic, simple dishes that you can combine with just about anything 

Currently offering live facilitated classes and phone-based Tele-classes on the following health topics:

Eating for Energy – We’ll discuss what your life will be like with an abundance of energy and vitality, proceeded by tips and lifestyle choices.

Sugar Blues – Participants learn about the effects sugar has on the body and ways to reduce and eliminate sugar cravings.

Weigh Less-Live More – Discover a safe way to drop pounds and feel satisfied.  You’ll learn why diets don’t work and tips to truly find what works for you.

Raw and Super Foods – Learn the value and profound benefits of Raw & Super Foods. We”ll discuss tips and standards for this nourishing lifestyle.


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  1. What is your rate for life coaching? My sister lives in Texas and sees Danea Fentie, who provided me with your contact info.

  2. Hi Katie,

    Would you please call or email me….

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