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It’s amazing how powerful decluttering is. Using this beautiful change of season to adjust everything in your home and behind the scenes is a perfect time to re-evalute all areas of life important to you.
For some it can range anywhere from cleaning out draws, closets and workspace to changing the scenery of your enviornment.  Next go the extra step and donate what you no longer need to  an organization such as  The Salvation Army or your favorite charity, so you’ll also be helping someone else ~ which is always rewarding! 
One of the most powerful actions you can take which can easily be overlooked, is to declutter your mind of all the negative and consuming thoughts that are of NO benefit. The clarity and clean space you’re rewarded with is just what is needed in order to begin creating what you truly desire!


Due to this  cold, snowy winter and staying in a lot more, I’ve had an opportunity to experiment on a deeper level with my creative side.  Although, I’ve always appreciated and been a lover of the Arts,  I never thought of myself as creative – until last week that is! 

After receiving and experimenting with Laura Holick’s free gifts from Soul Art Studio
I must say I’m pleasantly surprised. I never thought doodling and drawing anything other than a stick figure was in my capacity.  It then dawned on me how much I’m creating all the time, in every aspect and on a larger scale.  It also maintains my connection with spirit.

Currently I’m enjoy making  beautiful nourishing meals, practicing or teaching yoga, exploring different types of dance and creating  inspiring events for my clients, writing and of course NOW drawing.

Looking back at my childhood I’m reminded of how much I was constantly creating; whether it was a craft, dance or music and how much I enjoyed it.  Naturally it too carried over into fun experiments with my children during the past 2 decades.  Although it was fun for them, I was satisfying a personal need.  

Life really is more colorful when we’re creating. I invite you to take a few minutes to see how you’re incorporating creativity into your life. What would you like to experiment with? Also, take a look at how you were impacted by it growing up.




Today I had an opportunity to chat with a beautiful woman who shared what she’s been implementing to bring more joy into her life.  She said the experiment was to keep a smile on her face all day long.  It was interesting because
she wasn’t allowed to remove the smile even if she got upset about something. What was funnier was when her boss noticed and asked her what the heck she was doing?

She admitted by the end of the day she couldn’t help but laugh hysterically at herself and couldn’t remove the smile.

Kudos to the smile and its power.