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Chichenitza, Mayan Village and Cenote

A few weeks ago I returned from an absolutely amazing visit to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. I was able to visit a special Mayan community, a sacred Cenote and the Pyramids of Chichenitza.  I’m still integrating the experience and probably will be forever. There are some experiences that leave you changed forever.

I was ecstatic planning it, never imagining how poweful it was going to be. I feel extra blessed because of my instense study of astrology and deep connection to shamanism. It has helped me relate more profundly, understand and embrace the energies in these power spots. My appreciation of the Mayan culture has grown to new levels and I look foward to visiting again.








Upon arriving at the Mayan Village everyone was welcomed and blessed with a ritualistic ceremony by a Mayan Holy man.  It’s tradition for them to offer this before entering the sacred cites.  It included they’re famous Copal Resin bieng burned, a prayer chanted and everyone was given their special holy water. Later we explored the village and shops.


Next was the sacred Cenote, also known as the “Sacred Well” and “Well of Sacrifice.”  It truly took my breath away.  What amazed me even further were the pictures we took. HOLY ORBS!  According to Wikpedia: “While commonly known as the “Sacred Cenote,” there are several other names used. It has been referred to as “The Well of Sacrifices” and “Chen Ku”, Chen Ku being the original name that the Mayans used for the cenote. Chen is the ancient Mayan word meaning “well” or “pool,” and “ku” means relating to or in the possession of God. Thus, Chen Ku literally means “The well of God.”  The Yucatán peninsula is a limestone plain and does not have any streams or rivers, so cenotes provide the only access to underground rivers. Cenotes are scattered across the peninsula, but the sacred cenote of Chichén Itzá was by far the most important to the Maya. In fact, Chichén Itzá translates to “At the mouth of the well of the Itza”






Finally the Pyramids… WOW!  There arent words to describe the magnificence of these structures and everything that took place there.

Ofcourse snycronicity would have it when I arrived home I’d see three documentaries and would find 3 books that have been sitting in my library for over a decade on these specific sacred locations on earth. Talk about perfect timing.