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The First House:
The first house is commonly referred to as the self. It symbolizes the acting self and the personality as it appears to others, and the unfolding of one’s indivudual destiny. Its beginning point is the Rising sign/degree which is one of the most significant points in the birth chart. Planets in the first house affect your personality strongly. Their characteristics are a keynote of your personality as you express yourself to others.

Second House:
The second house symbolizes what the self has to work with materially: possessions, money, and physical resources. This house also represents your desires and values. Planets in the second house operate in the field of material needs and also idicate what you value most highly.

Third House:
The third house symbolizes tgubjubg abd communication, also traditionally brothers and sisters, writings and short journeys. Your early enviornment is also represented by this house, as well as your powers of analysis and discrimination. Planets in this house indicate how you communicate and operate mentaly.

Fourth House:
The fourth house represents the home enviornment, family life. Planets in the fourth house reflect family orientation, an ability to dig into the past in ordert to discover the roots of your being and how your father or perhaps mother was experienced by you.

Fifth House:
The fifth house represents creativity and self expression, children, romance and affection. Following the base of operations represented by the fourth house, the fifth house represents the arena in which your personal energies can be released into the world. Any area which is stamped by your personality, including the display of affection any creative endevoyrs such as your artisitic expression, is therefore represented by the planets in the fifth house or the sign of the fifth house cusp.

Sixth House:
The sixth house represents conditions/issues of everyday life, work, service to others, sickness and health. This house also relates to discipleship, mastery and overcoming obstacles. Planets in this house can manifest as challenges to your well being or indications of a profession of service to others.

Seventh House:
The seventh house represents marriage, partnership of all kinds and issues with relating to other people.  As the opposite to the first house of the personality, the seventh house describes how you fit into the world of others. Planets in this house often indicate the type of marriage parner you will seek.

Eighth House:
The eighth house synbolizes issues of death, rebirth, sexuality and transformation. As this house follows the house of relationship, it refers to the fruits of the relationship.  These include the power to change based on new understanding made possible when one is no longer acting soley as ab ubduvudyak. Planets in this house are dificult ot interpret but may refer to how sexuality is manifested or lessons you need to learn in otder to grow and change.

Ninth House:
The ninth house represents intuition and the study of religion, philosophy and higher learning. It represents travel to other countries and legal matters. This house is interperperted similarly to the sign Sagittarius and represents expansions of horizons mental, physical and spiritual. Planets in this house may symbolize your philosophical pursuits and possibilties for travel.

Tenth House:
The tenth house symbolizes public life, authority and career. Because its opposite the fourth house, the tenth house represents how the foundation of the personality is made manifest and concrete in the world.  The birth chart is often divided into four seven year periods, one per quaderant, cyclying each twenty eight years of life. The tenth house is reached at age 21, the age of legal adulthood. Planets in the tenth house will indicate what the energies and challenges are for your career and how your mother or pehaps father was experienced.  

Eleventh House:
The eleventh house symbolizes goals and objectives, also friendships and membership in groups or associations. The work in society represented by the tenth house is released through the individual in the activities associated with the eleventh house. Planets in this house indicate how visions for the future and also group associations and friendships will operate in your life.

Twelth House:
The twelfth house refers to the unconscious and to things beyond the physical plane. It is traditionally associated with confinement and self-undoing, and has been called the house of karma. Planets in this house indicate functions that are hidden from your conscious personality, and are expressed in terms of psychic faculty or self-sacrifice.Interpertation from