Location Blessing – Maryland

Last week I had the honor to travel to Columbia Maryland to energetically cleanse and bless a home. Great timing for the New Year.  Although, Ive been doing this for many years in a variety of locations, as well as creating sacred  altars, it was only recently I decided to offer these services publicly. maryland location blessing

Everything is energy and everyone carries a certain energetic vibrational frequency within and around them. Energy can shift daily depending upon the person, situation or circumstance. The same way we do deep cleaning when the seasons change, such as “Spring Cleaning” is the same way we should remember the importance of energetic cleansing. Many fail to recognize and acknowledge the “sometimes heavy” energy that gets accumulated in ones home or work location, which can really disrupt harmony. The same way our bodies, homes or cars need to be cleansed regularly, so does the enrgy of the environment we’re constantly in.

Many notice feeling lighter in energy and moods…. email me if you have questions, would like tips or support.


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